FENDI RESIDENCES- Miami Chinese Real Estate Agent

FENDI RESIDENCES- Miami Chinese Real Estate Agent

FENDI CHÂTEAU Residences has been well received by many of our Chinese speaking customers in terms of its name brand and fashion luxury brand recognition. It is the alternative to the luxury development construction cranes reaching high into the sky throughout Miami.

Close proximity from Bal Harbour which is another must visit shopping location for our VIP Chinese buyers, FENDI condo development is 12 stories with 58 exclusive flow-through residences right on the beach. The FENDI Residences will create a new level for oceanfront luxury living, with an understate elegance and the highest caliber of finishes, ultra luxury amenities and five-star white-glove full service.

FENDI 公寓是替代奢侈品展建築起重機達到高到整個邁阿密的天空。我們的許多中國客戶詢問有關FENDI和邁阿密等高端公寓,從步驟巴爾港之遙,這家精品發展將僅增長12層,並設有海灘上58獨家流通住宅。像他們的環境中,住宅將為海濱奢華生活的新典範,具有無可比擬的優雅度和功能的加飾面,非凡的設施和五星級的白手套服務的最高水準。



Grand Paraiso by Miami Chinese Real Estate Agent

Aria on the Bay



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